Yoga Wrap Pattern Help

I have been knitting for about 2 years now and still have so much to learn…that said, I am having some trouble with a pattern. I’m a little embarrassed about it as I feel I should be able to figure it out, but I am getting stumped on two parts. They are both related to the Right Side of a top I am making.

The pattern is from Red Heart ( and is for a Yoga Wrap and Leggings (I cannot post a link as this is my first post here). I am working on the wrap and have the back and most of the left front finished. Where I am having trouble is understanding how to proceed with the [B]right front[/B].

On the left front, you start by working the tie, then knit up to the arm shaping and shoulder. For the right front the directions simply say to work it the same as left front, reversing the shapings.

I have two questions. The first is how I handle the “TIE” portion of the sweater as far as reversing goes, or if I am to reverse that portion at all. The second question is how I reverse the armhole decreasing.

For the left front here are the directions:
CO 100
K1 P1 ribbing for 2 rows
[COLOR=“DarkRed”]Row 3: K to last 15 sts; turn[/COLOR]
Row 4 and all even rows: Purl
[COLOR=“DarkRed”]Row 5: K to last 30 sts, turn[/COLOR]
[COLOR=“DarkRed”]Row 7: K to last 45 sts, turn[/COLOR]
[COLOR=“DarkRed”]Row 9: K to last 63 sts, turn[/COLOR] and move the 63 to stitch holder
Shape Front Slope: Dec 1 st at end of next row, then every 6th row AND AT SAME TIME when front measures 10.5 at side edge, shape armhole same as back by binding off 3 sts at side edge, the P1 row, then dec at same edge on next 5 rows. When 14 sts remain, work even until 18.5, bind off.

So, for the Right Side, how do I handle the shaping of the TIE portion and then the armhole shaping? Do I do the TIE portion (in red) the same or do I skip the first 15 stitches, skip the first 30 stitches and so on…if so, how do I do this?

Second question, do I do the armhole shaping opposite as the left by switching the side where I BO and dec? In the directions for the left it is:

Bind off 3 sts at beginning of next 2 rows
Dec 1 st at each end of next 5 K rows
Work even until 18.5 and BO

So, am I correct to assume that I BO 3 sts at the end of the 2 rows, then do my decreases at the beginning of the K rows?

Sorry for this being so long, and I hope someone can understand my questions! This is a Christmas present for a niece and I want to be sure to do it in the correct manner. Any help is greatly appreciated.

The short answer is that whenever you work the left and right fronts of a pattern seperately, THEY ARE MIRROR IMAGES of each other.

So the left armhole edge, that was on the start of rs rows,
is now the right armhole edge, at the end of rs rows.

So if you were decreasing at the armhole edge,
you would decrease at the start of the ws rows for the left front
and you would decrease at the end of the rs rows for the right front.

The same is true for neck edges.

To reverse shaping you do incs and decs on the opposite edge of where you did on the first piece. I think for the tie, do the 2 rows of ribbing, then you would work row 3 as a [B]purl row[/B], row 4 as a knit row and so on, but doing it the same as given for the first piece, just on the opposite rows. That should end up with the sts that will become the front at the correct side of the tie.

Then for the front shaping, dec at the [B]beg[/B] of the next row and every 6th row. For the armhole shaping you would BO at the beg of the row at the side edge and do the decs on the same edge. That should work out right.

"So, am I correct to assume that I BO 3 sts at the end of the 2 rows, then do my decreases at the beginning of the K rows?"
In regard to the armhole bind offs, you’ll be binding off at the beginning of the purl rows for the right side of the sweater. You can continue with the 1 stitch decreases on the purl rows or you could skip a row and do the decreases back on the knit rows. One row more or less isn’t going to make any difference and it may just be easier to decrease on the knit side.

Thanks to all… I am still a little fuzzy but I’ve casted on and we’ll see where it takes me. I try and look at each new pattern as a learning experience. The other sweaters I’ve made were straight front/back sweaters - no cardigans or anything so this is my first try at something with a left/right front.

Again, thanks! This is an amazing place and I truly appreciate you all taking time to read my lengthy post and answer. Especially at this hectic time of the year! :wink: