Yoga Wrap Has Burned Me Again, Ughh!


Is anyone knitting this. For whatever reason it seemed to go fairly easily for me when I started about a year ago and because I hated my yarn choice I kind of forgot all about it. Now I have the most fabulous yarn and cannot get this thing figured out. I am find during the first two purl rows and then when it comes to working the chart on row 3 for whatever reason I either have to many stitches left over or not enough stitches to finish the last row repeat. I cast on 119 stitches as the pattern requires and I am making the small. The funny part is once I got past the 3rd row and I got so excited only to have the same problem with row 5. Then I keep ripping back and starting over. I am positive it’s me as again I was able to figure this out last year, but I almost remember facing the same problem then as I am not but somehow figured it out.

Can you give a link to the pattern or give us the instructions that are giving you problems?