Yoga... Ohm!

I really want to try doing some yoga. I dont have anywhere to learn it. Can anyone reccomend some books/websites/etc. that might teach me yoga? Thanks Y’all!


I do a 20 minute yoga routine every morning that I absolutely LOVE. It is a podcast that you can download from iTunes or at Yogamazing. I think it is great for beginners. Chaz (the guy who does the podcast) is cheesy, but I really like him. He creates a new podcast every week with different focuses. Examples of some of my favorites are: Yoga for Headaches, Yoga for Abs, Yoga for Depression, Yoga for Dancers, and Yoga for Fat Burning. I like that it is only once a week because it gives me a chance to really work on the asanas and do my best before changing it up. I download it to my iPod and then plug my iPod into the tv, but I’ve done it several times just with sound and he gives really good direction and suggestions for different levels.

I can understand why some more advanced yogis wouldn’t care for it. For example, Yoga for Headaches isn’t the most intense exercise session, but on those weeks I do one from a previous week. I also realize that podcasts aren’t always the most accessible, but if you’ve got an mp3 player or you can workout near your computer, I would give it a try.

hmmm… I haven’t done yoga for a few years, but would love to get back into it, so I’m gonna check that out, but does anyone know off the top of their heads before I go research it, if it’s ok to do yoga while pregnant. I guess, what I’m really asking, is which form of yoga would be best for pregnant women, as some are more intensive than others.

Yes, it’s okay as long as it’s physically comfortable for you and probably should done very gently during the last 2-3 because of the the hormone that relaxes ligaments. Also avoid inverted positions at any time.

I found some which may help. And I will give you my routine.


I mix Pilates and Yoga. Pilates has a *

Downward Dog
Child Pose
Warrior 1
Triangle pose
Warrior 2
Here, I do a Quad stretch (Lunge forward, drop knee to floor, push pelvis forward) and a Hamstring (Sit on one heel, lean forward) stretch.
Warrior 1
Triangle pose
Warrior 2
Forward Bend
Rag Doll
Forward Bend

Easy Pose
Half Spinal Twist
Mermaid Side Stretch
Spine Stretch
Roll Ups
Roll like a Ball
Supine Spinal Twist

On most days, I do a few Sun Salutations (It’s a yoga series)

I add and take away as I feel necessary. Hope that helps you!

Here’s a site about Pilates if you want to try it. I love it.


Also, has videos of yoga and pilates. Just do a search there.

Oh ya, and there are books and videos on prenatal yoga. I research customer reviews on before buying. I like to go to used bookstores and the library first to.

I recently started getting into Yoga. I got some DVD’s from I got AM and PM Yoga for Beginners. I also got Relaxation & Breathing for Meditation - with Rodney Yee, who also does the AM/PM Yoga DVD. ( There are some yoga postures on this too. ) Meditation for Beginners also has some nice yoga for a beginner. I usually do this stuff in the evening to help me unwind from the stress at work, however I have been unable to complete any of the 3 DVD’s because I get so relaxed that I start falling asleep on the floor! I usually have a hard time staying asleep all night, except on the nights I do the yoga/meditation. It really does relax you and does help clear your mind. I was kind of scepticle at first and felt a little silly, but I was very pleasantly surprised at how refreshed I feel when I wake up in the morning. Do you have a Y near you? They may offer classes.

This site http:// has lots of videos - and any of them that I have done have been quite good. Yoga Journal has good info on poses, I think, and if you get it, onDemand has some practices in the exercise tv section. I think I’ve even seen series on pbs and other cable channels from time to time.

I think, and its been several years, I learned originally from the Yoga Journal’s Beginner video, which goes over breathing and poses in a progression. I’ve taken classes in hatha, flow, and kundalini, and now, when I do it, I do ashtanga, so most of my beginner videos are collecting dust. You are welcome to them, if you want to pm me.

Good luck with it! I know I never felt better than when I was doing yoga regularly.

you can do yoga while pregnant! in fact, if you are physicly active during pregnancy, it tends to lead to an easier birth/recovery :mrgreen: i had a prenatal yoga video, but didn’t get to use it (no space- long story). i ended up exchanging it for a harry potter movie :shifty: or else i would offer it to you! check out, they have lots of great info for during your pregnancy and after. i love that site too.

Yoga is good, but you have to be very careful. My friend took yoga classes with an experienced instructor, and even then, she ended up hurting her back a LOT because of it. She never had back problems before. One of my friend’s father, who is hindu, practises yoga and is also a doctor, actually does not recommend yoga for everybody. He says it’s better to have your back checked by a professional before doing it. At the very least, stick to the simple positions and don’t force anything, especially if you’re doing it alone. And if you take classes, make sure there aren’t too many students in the class, so that the instructor can correct you right away if you’re doing someting wrong. :thumbsup:

All the teachers I’ve had say to only stretch or do positions as far as it’s comfortable. If it’s beyond that point, ease up or stop.

Ooh, I have the AM/PM yoga tapes, too! I love them! When I can’t do a position (bad knees), I modify it a bit and just focus on my breathing and balance. The body-awareness yoga brings is amazing, and as clumsy as I am, I definitely need it.

Fit TV used to run a wonderful yoga show; I used it every day for about a year, then sadly stopped. If you get that channel, check the listings; it might still be on.

Ooh, what a great topic! I’ve been very into Yoga the last few months. Sheldon and I have been going to a “parters yoga” class where the instructor has us work off of eachother in various ways. It just ended last week, so I may have to check out some videos or other classes.

My sister does a lot of yoga, and she recommended a website that has a new video every day to watch: Go to their “download center” to view archives and today’s class. I haven’t watched any classes yet, but the site looks very good!

I bought several books on Amazon last month. I bought this book as my comprehensive reference book, and I’ve been enjoying it very much.

Thanks for that link Amy - that site was awesome! - I just did the series for today - very nice!