YO2 - how to


I would like to knit Monkey (Cookie A) as my 3rd pair of knitted socks. However after reading thru the Lace Pattern, i do not know how to knit YO2 (have done YO before).

Can anyone please advice me, thank you very much :muah:

You would be making 2 YOs at once instead of one. YO, then wrap the yarn around again.

Tks Sue for the quick reply.

Does that means there will be 4 sts (YO, K, YO, K) ?

No only 2, you don’t do a knit after a yo unless the pattern says to. The YO is just wrapping your yarn around the needle. Think of it like an `air stitch’; you wrap the yarn around like you do when making a knit st, but you don’t have the right needle inserted into anything, therefore you’re increasing a stitch, or 2 in this case.