Is there a difference between these 2 terms/stitches?

According to the glossary on here, nope ---- http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/knitting-glossary.

It depends on what comes next. If a knit follows the yfwd, then the result is a yo. Sometimes, though, you bring the yarn forward to slip a stitch with the yarn in front.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to view the video from my computer. For the most part I’m a beginner knitter. I thought YO was just bringing your yarn to the front (like I was going to purl) and then knitting the next stitch. After reading some descriptions of the above 2 terms, I’m not sure. I’m getting myself more and more confused!

A YO is an extra stitch. It’s accomplished by bringing the yarn forward, but the knitting of the next stitch creates the YO.

If you read a pattern that, for example, says k1, yo, k1, you don’t count the second k1 as part of the yo, but just bring the yarn forward so that a yo is created when you knit the next stitch.

If a pattern says yfwd and the next stitch is a knit, then it’s also a yo, just worded differently.

If a pattern says yfwd, slip stitch, yb (yarn back), then you just do what it says.