Yo twice

Newby here. Working a poncho pattern.
k1 yo2
does this mean I knit one stitch and yarn over the next 2 stitches? Or I wrap the yarn over twice before I knit one stitch?
I do this for one row, then the next row is to drop both yo stitches. Does that mean I literally drop them from the needle, or do I slip them, or am I doing some kind of decrease stitch? Thanks for your reply.


yo2 means you wrap the yarn twice over the needle. When you drop them on the next row, you’re creating a long strand that’s part of the pattern. There’s a name for it that eludes me right now. It’s neither an increase nor decrease, just decorative.

Ok that is one question answered. yo2 is wrapping the yarn twice over the needle in between each knit stitch. Now dropping those two yarn over loops on the next row, is it just dropping them, or are they slip stitched off or k2 tog? My pattern just says drop them…simply slide them off the needle with no stitch?

Yes, just slide them off. When you wrap them on the previous row, you’re kind of putting a length of yarn “on hold” for the next row. You let them slide off the needle, and you have a strand of yarn. Try it–you’ll see what happens.

I was trying to knit those stitches off and my work keep growing…I really appreciate your time. Back to the project!!!