YO’s, Yrn’s, etc

Still working on the same sweater which is turning out beautifully I have completed the sleeves and back. Now I’m doing the front which has a pattern that includes yarn overs, yarn around, etc. I’m having trouble w one side of the motif being way too loose! I’ve pulled it out and redone it several times!! I’m using cotton and bamboo yarn so you can see every imperfection. I’ve included pix of the sweater and the instructions that I’m struggling with.
If anyone can help I would surely appreciate it!


Do you think it’s the side with the yrn that making the motif loose?

I know I’m being super picky but it’s really bugging me.

I just completed row 8. Do you see how it’s so much messier/looser on the left side?

So this is the skpo (slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over) decrease? I just don’t like it. I use another left leaning decrease, the ssk (slip, slip, k2tog through the back loop) in its place.

Try it out on some scrap yarn and see if you like it. I also give a very slight tug to the last slipped stitch just before a drop the k2tog through the back loop off the left hand needle (just about 2:05 min in the video).

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I ripped it all out last night and started again. It is looking better. Something is not right w my yo’s or yrn’s I think. I’ll send you a photo when I’m getting closer. Thank you so much.


This is a video for yrn, a yarn over between a knit and a purl stitch just to be sure.

It’s possible that some of the yarn overs and decreases will even out with blocking but it’s not comforting to depend only on blocking in a project.
Good luck with it and let us knot how it goes.
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Thanks so much! I finally finished the pattern part! I have another question, and this always messes me up.

Bind off 2 stitches at the neck edge,

2 sts at beg of foll 1 alt rows

And 1 st at beg of next 2 alt rows.

The alt rows messes me up. I understand:

Row 1-bind off 2 at the neck edge
Row 2-bind off 2 at beg of row

Row 3-bind off 1 at beg of row

Row 4-bind off 1 at beg of row

Is that right?? It’s the decrease at the neck edge. Or are all of the decreases supposed to be at the neck edge only?

Jamie Barker

Jamie Barker

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Good going!

The alt row means every other row. So you would bind off

Row 1-bind off 2 at the neck edge
Row 3-bind off 2 at beg of row

Row 5-bind off 1 at beg of row

Row 7-bind off 1 at beg of row

Yes, looks like all these decreases are at the neck edge. You can read further in the pattern and see if there is shaping from the armhole edge.

Thank you! That’s how I did it. Looking at the pattern it looks like the front neck shaping is much more dramatic than the back. Is that normal? The front looks longer than the back?

Jamie Barker

Most of the neck shaping is usually in the front neckline. That helps with the fit. The entire neck opening may seem large but once you add a collar or neckband, it narrows in.

Is it normal for the front to be a few rows longer than the back though?

The front to the armhole and to the shoulders is usually the same measurement as the back. Sometimes there is a band at the shoulder in front making it longer but this is rare.

Hi! Long time no text. I thought I would send you a pic of the completed sweater.

Now I’m on another sweater and the alt rows always throw me off.


Row 1-Knit

Row 2-Purl

Row 3-Inc 1, Knit to end, Inc 1

Row 4-?

“And every following 4th row“ throws me off?

Jamie Barker

That sweater could not be more adorable. Perfection. The lace work is very well done.

Start with the increase on the 3rd row and count off by 4s to highlight the increase rows. So they are rows 3,7,11,15,19, etc. In this case you’ll stop when you get to the correct stitch number for your size.

Thank you. I love the lacework. The bobbles I’m not thrilled with but the cotton yarn isn’t very forgiving unfortunately.

Jamie Barker