Yo question?

Good morning all you smart knitters … I need some help. :?? I am working on my mid-month KAL for the dishcloth group I am in and I am a bit confused on how to YO, with an SSK. the complete line is below. I know ho to ssk and I know how to YO but not together.

K4, K1, YO, ssk, K5, K2tog, YO, K1; repeat from K4

The way I approached it was to slip the 2 st and then use the knit st for the YO :shrug:

thanks for the help!!!

I think you just do a yarn over and then do an SSK. They are separate things. Amy has a video of SSK if you look here:


and scroll down to SSK. You’re going to slip two stiches, and then knit the slipped stitches together. The yarn over you previously made is not involved in this maneuver.

Yes, that’s correct. You do the yarn over first by bring the yarn to the front between the needles and then returning it to the back by laying it OVER the right needle. That’s it for the yo. Now you move onto the SSK and work it as usual.