YO Question

Hi, I’m currently working on a pattern and I’m getting a bit confused with the YO’s in the directions. The pattern says to K1, yo, sl 1p. I was taught that yo means to knit it, but looking at this I’m wondering if I just bring the yarn over, then slip purlwise, and then knit? If anybody could help clarify this for me I would really appreciate that! Thanks!

The pattern is saying knit 1, y/o, and slip st purl wise.
Check out you tube videos if you are not sure how to do that. Good luck!

Btw…y/o does not mean knit. It is literally
Meaning bring the yarn over.
Here is a video showing a yarn over.
It does not show the slip st though.

Thank you so much for helping! It makes a lot more sense to me now. The video you linked helped a lot, and I’ll be sure to pass on this knowledge to the person who taught me that yo means you need to knit it!

You are very welcome! I have learned a lot from people
Here and you tube as a visual aid. So glad it helped you!