YO question? HELP!

Ok so I know how to do a YO. I’ve seen the video on this site and all that. But what do I do when I’ve completed a row with a YO, turn the work, and come upon that extra loop?? Or maybe to make it more clear:
Needle One: K5, YO, K5

See my problem?
I’ve tried dropping it off the needle, but that leaves me with a weird loop hanging off my work. Or I tried knitting it, but then I increase a st, WHAT DO I DO!!!?? This has been driving me insane as I am now stuck at a level of knitting and cannot advance since EVERYTHING seems to require a YO!! Please respond, I’m desperate! lol

If all the rest of the sts in that row are knit you knit it, if they’re purled, purl it. It does make a new st (which is why it’s in the pattern) so just treat it like any other stitch. What’s your pattern?

It’s not a specific pattern, I tried just knitting with a YO in a row first without a pattern to try and figure it out. I didn’t realize it was an increase?? Hmmm…, so then if it’s a knit st I just knit it? Awesome that makes sense then. Thanks!

Yeah, it makes an increase.Basically it results in an elongated loop between the two stitches on the row where you DO the yarnover, and then knitting into the row above makes a new stitch.

If you want to keep your number of stitches constant, you can K2tog on the two stitches right before or after the YO, (or p2tog if purling is more appropriate in that part of the pattern).

Like this: k1, k2tog, yo, k1


k1, yo, k2tog, k1.

It makes an eyelet that way, without creating extra stitches.