Yo, pu1, yo, pu2?

I am a newbie to the world of pattern knitting. I’ve only done basic scarves using the garter stitch or stockinette. Right now I am wanting to start a shawl that is absolutely gorgeous but some of the directions are throwing me off and I need clarification. The directions are as follows:

Cast on 3. Knit 8 rows as:S1PW, K to end. There should be four slipped stitches along each side of the work.(“I get this part. Now on to where I am lost.”) Turn work 90 degrees and pick up stitches in each of the slipped stitches as follows: YO, PU1, YO, PU2, YO, PU1, YO, PU3 on cast on edge. (14 stitches)

How do I turn it 90 degrees? Does that mean go through the slipped stitches on both sides to make it double thick? and I understand the YO, and picking up of stiches, but I don’t understand the numbers after it. Does that mean I yarn over, pick up one stitch, yarn over pick up two stitches?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

You’ve basically got the right idea but all you need to do is pick up on one edge, not a double thickness. The number after the PU is telling you how many stitches to pick up:YO, pick up 1 stitch, YO, pick up 2 sts, YO, pick up 1 stitch, YO, pick up 3 sts.
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Thank you. So another question on that note since there are only 4 slipped stitches on each side, i would be picking up 7 according to the pattern. Where are the other 3 stitches coming from if they are not coming from the other side?

You have 3sts on the needle from the rows you’ve been knitting, plus 7sts picked up and 4 yarn overs. It sounds like a tab to start the shawl. You pick up also at the cast on edge so that the 7sts are picked up in the 4 slipped sts and the 3 cast on sts (the last PU3). The idea is similar to this video except it shows picking up in the garter ridges without the yarn overs instead of picking up in the slipped sts.

Salmonmac explained this well, just wanted to let you know there’s another way to start a shawl. CO 11 sts, then knit 3 rows, putting an increase in each one, near the middle. That will make a sturdy curved piece for the neck and you can begin with a WS row or the RS, however you want to begin the pattern.

Suzeeq, thank you for that tip I have a shawl I want to knit but with lace yarn that cast on 3 knit in garter stitch for 11 rows, turn and pick up stitches is almost impossible to do. The yarn slips off the needle tip so I gave up on it till I could find another way to do it.

Yeah, sometimes the yarn is slippery, and even with heavier yarn I find it too fiddley to knit garter stitch over 3 stitches. That’s how I came up with an alternate start. Just CO 2 or 3 sts less than the number you’re supposed to have after picking up the stitches, then do 2 or 3 rows of garter stitch with an increase in each row and you’ll be able to start the pattern.