Yo, p2tog? please help

Well, I am currently making a shrug which involves alot of lace patterns. The one I am currently doing asks that I do a yo, then p2tog. I have successfuly done yo, k2tog many times, but am having difficulty with the yo p2tog. Basically, I am holding the yarn in back, and p2tog, but am only coming out with one stitch. The thing I am confused on is which yarn to ‘catch’ on my needle to create a second stitch. I attempted deliberatly catching the ‘feed’ yarn stretched over the needle, but this did not create an eyelet. Thanks!

with a yo, p2tog… you wrap the yarn, then proceed to purl 2 stitches together as if they were one stitch. After, you will only see one stitch from the p2tog because you made both into one. As you go on in the pattern, you should see the eyelet hole. I know for myself, those were awkward at first! hope this helps. REMEMBER: ALWAYS WRAP COUNTERCLOCKWISE! good luck! rock on teen knitters all over!! :muah: :happydance:

This is how I would do it. I’d bring my yarn to the front, ready to purl, but first bring the yarn over the right needle from front to back and return it to the front of the work. You have a loop over the right needle now, and are ready to P2tog.