yo, kfb in a row?


I am working on a pattern that asks me to k2tog, yo, kfb, k1.

The magic of youtube has helped me figure out how to do each of these stitches independently, but I am confused how to string them together. Specifically, the yo to kfb is giving me a hard time. Does that mean I put the yarn in front like I am going to purl, and then do a kfb with the yarn in that position? It looks so messy when I do that, it doesn’t seem right. But it does the increase I need from that row. I haven’t found any videos that show what this transition of stitches would look like and am feeling a bit stuck!

I appreciate any help!


When you do a YO before a knit you bring the yarn forward then over the right needle to the back to knit. So when you do that you then continue with the KFB. It will leave an eyelet so don’t worry about that.