YO Issues

I’m doing a patten where I run into doing a YO between knit and purl stitches and doing a YO before a SSK. I realized when I got to these that I was used to only doing a YO between two knit stitches…

For the YO between a knit and a purl stitch, I’ve found instructions saying to that when you go to purl after the knit stitch to just leave the yarn in the back when you go to purl, but I have a tangled mess when I get to the other side of my knitting and can’t tell what stitch I should knit or purl into and which I shouldn’t.

Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong here? :frowning:

To purl the second stitch you do just like a ‘normal’ YO except you have to bring it back between the needles again so it’s in the forward position to purl.

Here’s the KH video for YO. The first one she shows you is between knits, the second one is the purl after YO.

The only (and best, in my opinion) way I can remember how to do YOs, is by following suzeeq’s excellent advice: For a YO before a knit stitch, wrap the yarn as if you were going to knit, and for a YO before a purl stitch, wrap the yarn as if you were going to purl. In both cases, of course, you are wrapping the yarn around the [I]right[/I] needle, so after the wrap, you just move on to the next stitch.