YO help

I am confuse yarn over. I came across with 2 way., are they the same?
And the technique 1 doesn’t seem to work on all pattern. At least to me.

  1. move the working yarn to front, and then knit the next sts.
  2. wrap the yarn around the needle, and then knit the next sts.

This is a pretty good summary of the different ways to do yarn overs, depending on the stitch preceding and following.


I am glad you link it to me and it really help me. Thanks Salmonmac

I don’t see it mentioned (purl yo knit) like the video I link below.
The one showed like wrap the needle then knit. Will the result just as same as just move the in front then knit?

Yes, the result is going to be the same in the sense that one extra loop will be added to the current row. Doing the yarn as in your video will add a little more yarn into the space or eyelet that is made.
Thanks for the video. Very nice.

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Thank you too :slight_smile: