Yo from knit to purl?

Hi all,

The pattern says to k1, yo, p3; and later on, p1, yo, k3. How the hell do you do this? I know how to yo when using one type of sts, but am unable to bend my mind around this. Thx.:wall:

Check this out… scroll down to Post #4 picture heavy…
Should help.


Both steps FEEL like you’re making 2 yo’s, or wrapping the yarn around twice. What you’re really doing is moving the yarn to the front (or back) and then doing your yarn over. It took me a while to figure this one out, too!

I didn’t look at the pictures suggested but when there’s a yo before a purl st, I leave the yarn back then purl the st loosely.

When there’s a yo after a purl st and before a knit st, leave the yarn in front and knit the st loosely.

I think the biggest trick is to remember where you made these yos and be sure to work the return row carefully. Hope this helps!

I assume you knit English style / throwing? if so: I am not much help.
in continental: just do one after the other and be careful to not undo the yo when doing your next stitch.
Not too scary, though. just be brave :wink:

the "next stitch just loose part sounds scary to me though. it might turn out the same but it sounds scary…

Ah! Thanks–the pictures helped a lot! :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone else too :slight_smile: