YO extra stitches increasing stitch count

I’m following a pattern on needles that may just be too short. But in one row the pattern tells me to YO 2 or 3 times every so often, and then the next row I am supposed to “knit, dropping extra loops on
long sts.” I’m able to do it with no difficulties, except for one: My stitch count keeps rising because of the added long stitches! So much so, that I can’t hold them all on the needles I have. Is this normal? if not, what do I do about it aside from just getting longer needles?

Are there no decreases at all? There should be one decrease associated with each set of yarnovers. and when you drop the additional loops that new stitch is balanced by that decrease.

That makes sense, and nope, there are none! Though I expected the thing to grow gradually from start to finish, This rate doesn’t make sense. (I’m knitting a hooded cloak.)

Normally unless the pattern is getting larger somehow you have decreases in equal numbers to the increases, but they aren’t always on the same or next row. It depends on the pattern.

Are you supposed to drop each of the YO stitches? If so then the stitch count should remain the same. :think:

What are you making? If you have a link to the pattern or at least a name that’s always helpful when asking questions since patterns vary so much. :wink:

Wow…that is a weirdly written pattern. :zombie: I wish they had a closeup of the stitch, but I think my first instincts were correct that you drop the yo stitches. :think: Someone else will be along to help with this in case I’m wrong.

It sounds like you’re knitting the extra loops, when you’re supposed be dropping all those extra loops. You knit 1 stitch, then drop the 2 extra loops, then knit the next stitch, etc…

I just did a scarf like this and it came out nicely, after I got the hang of dropping the extra loops.


i agree wit knitcindy

i had to do feathers for a hat and u drop the loops and knt the stich
it worked out fine but was so odd just dropping the loops

Yep, don’t knit into the extra YO 2 or 3, just into 1 stitch, and drop the other loops off the needle.

Okay - the reason the thing is growing is that you are knitting a semicircular cloak from the top down. yup, you are going to have bunches and bunches of increases.
this thing is five foot long, so you might want to check where that will fall on you and make it shorter or longer as needed.

The other thing, those multiple yo’s give you larger holes. if you don’t WANT the holes larger you can do just single yarnovers, not have to drop the extra loops; make the knitting flow smoother.

Cute pattern - what yarn are you using?

I don’t think anyone mentioned it, but if you’re not already using a long circular needle, you probably want to switch to one. It’ll make holding all those stitches easier. You still knit back/forth in rows.

ALso, if you do what Mario just suggested to make the holes smaller (just one YO instead of 2/3) you may have to add extra rows to get the length since the single YO rows will be shorter then a double or triple YO row.

I have no advice, since I’m a new knitter but I had to say that cape is GORGEOUS!! Good luck with it!