Yo confusion

i’m knitting a lace scarf for my mom (column of leaves if interested) - anyway, the instructions say “yo,k1,yo,p1,yo,k1,yo,p1,yo” - i’m having a bit of difficulty doing that - can’t seem to figure out how - i mean, do you do the yo and then move the yarn to position for the next stitch? i can’t seem to get it to work - any feedback would be appreciated


After the first yo, you take the yarn to the back of the needles, then knit one, then yarn over, take the yarn to the front of the needles to purl one, and so on.

To YO between a knit and purl, yo as for between 2 knit sts, then bring the yarn to the front to purl. Then just loosely lay the yarn over the top of the needle and knit the st. The YOs won’t be the same size, but they’ll even out when you wash or block it when you’re done.

Here is a link to a really good blog entry about yarn overs. This will tell you the basics and the fine tuning of yarn over issues. LINK

My other questions are, “Is the first yarn over done before you knit the first stitch in the row? Do you have any troube with how to do a yarn over before you have knit a stitch?”