Yo before a knit

I have a question re: a YO before a knit. When you do a YO the working yarn is in front of the work. But if the next stitch is a knit I would have to move the yarn to the back negating the YO. How is this done?


Bring the yarn to the front between the needles to do the yarnover. Then bring the yarn [I]over[/I] the right needle to the back and knit the next st. The key is that the yarn goes to the back but over the needle, not between the needles. There’s a video on the Glossary page under yo.

I am new at this and I think I am thinking that moving the yarn front and back like knitting and purling. Never considered just to keep wrapping around to the back. Duh!

In my mind when I’m doing a yarn over between two knits I just bring the yarn to the front and then don’t do anything, but just go ahead and knit the next stitch with the yarn in front, that makes the yarn over. It works slick if you hold the yarn in your right hand.

I actually hold my yarn in my left hand to knit so after I bring the yarn to the front I hold it against the top of the right hand needle with my right index finger as I knit the next stitch, this kind of holds it in the back again but not exactly.

When you do a yo, the working yarn wraps around the needle. It’s not really yf, you wrap the yarn the same way you would for a knit stich.