"YO backwards" & "Eastern Uncrossed"

With reference to the “short row heel” technique on this this website:


YO backwards on to RH needle (back under needle, over top, to front.), P across to 1 st. before end, turn.


Increasing: 1) K1 (1st st. of pair), correct mount of the YO (you won’t have to do if you knit Eastern Uncrossed style), K2tog. (yo plus 1st st. of next pair), turn.

The explanation here is very helpful, but there are a few terms which have me scratching my head.

Q1) What does “YO backwards” mean?

Q2) What is “Eastern Uncrossed” knitting? (How does it differ from continental knitting?)

Thanks in advance.

Scrap this question. I just found Amy’s video on “combined knitting” and I have a feeling this is what it’s all about (the video talks about “stitch mounting” which was another thing that was puzzling me but now I kind of understand).

Amy, if you are reading this, your video on combined knitting discusses decreases, but not increases (I think this must have something to do with “yo backwards”…). Could you please give me a hint on how this increase works?


I’m not an experienced Combined Knitter, so I don’t have a quick answer for you. You might try re-posting your question as "“Need help with Combined-Knitting pattern.” I know there are Combined knitters on this forum, and puzzle-solvers with more mental-resources than I have on this particular night (after staying up very late! I got a book offer from a publisher yesterday, and I was too excited to sleep! :D)

Good luck!

Wow Amy, CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is SO cool!!! This couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person!!! Will you keep us all posted on your progress??? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Woohoo!!!

(I will do as you suggest and post again too).