YO at the begining of a round?


I’m new here but I’ve been knitting for a couple of years on and off now.
I could do with some help on a pattern I’m working at the moment, the pattern is on DPNs and though I’ve worked with them quite a bit I have a question.

The line I’m on now is… “YO, K1, SSK, K4

I can’t work out how to do the YO, do I knit a stitch first? If I do, then I don’t think there are the correct number of stitches to do that whole line (42), but if not, surely the YO falls off the end of the needle.

I hope that makes sense
Can anyone Help?


Thanks! :hug:

You would do the YO without a knit stitch first. It is awkward to say the least, but it can be done. Just lay the yarn over the needle and proceed with the pattern repeat. If it slips off, it will be very easy to find and pick up as you knit the next round–nothing will unravel if the YO drops off the needle because it is a new stitch. (I just completed the JoJo Land swirl shawl and each little swirl had 10 rounds that started with a YO.) You could always mark the beginning of the round and shift the stitches around the needles so that the YO K1 of the pattern repeat is done at the end of a needle, but personally I think just checking for the YO and picking it up if it’s slipped off is just as easy.
Good luck

Thank you!:muah:

Sounds quite scary! Is it easy enough to knit into it on the next row? I would have thought I’d lose it then because its not attached to anything.

It’s still attached to the st you knit after it, and you should be able to find it easily the next round.