YO at beg of a row?

A stitch for a scarf I want to knit, starts with a YO at the beg of the row. Is this possible? So far I’ve seen them in the middle of the rows, never as the first stitch.Or is it some kind of error in the instructions?:knitting:

You can do a YO at the beginning of a row–it creates a little loopy edge. It’s possible that your scarf also calls for some edging, so check that first.

To YO at the beginning of the row, insert the needle to knit the first stitch and then bring the yarn from the front up over the right needle and knit the stitch in the back as usual.

I had that happen one time. Ingrid’s suggestion is a good one!
Wish I’d known! :eyebrow:

What I did to get around the YO at the beginning of the rows…I cast on 2 extra stitches for the scarf from the get-go. The stitch at the beginning and end of every row were base stitches (aka edge stitches). Then everything inbetween the 2 edge stitches were the pattern!