Yo after a purl - help

hi there,

i am doing a pattern that includes this line:

K2, p1, yo, ssk, p1; rep from *, end k2.

when I am getting to the YO, since the yarn is in the front from purling, the only way i have figured how to do it is by bringing the yarn back behind the needle and around all the way so the yarn is in back for me to do the SSK. this is working fine, but i realized too late that I needed to then purl the YO TBL on the following row otherwise it put the YO in the wrong place. this is not noted anywhere in the instructions so I think I am doing the YO wrong, but when I do it the other way, it looks odd and kinda like a knot… is there another way to do it?


You could try bringing the yarn loosely over the top of the needle.

that’s working great, thank you!