Yippee! Snow Day Today!

:woot: Snow day = Day of Knitting!!! My littlest one went to her preschool (located at DH’s work) with DH. So it’s just me and my 12 yo son (who knits as well!). We plan on making a fire in the fireplace; buying a pay per view movie; and knitting up a storm under afghans! YEAH!!! :happydance:

It’s days like this that I LOVE being an educator! :teehee:

Don’t forget the hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows!

I don’t have any marshmellows :waah: but will certainly break out the hot cocoa!!! :slight_smile:

How exciting! What a wonderful chance to spend a day with your son.

I’m happy for you but sad for me. we didn’t get enough snow here to close the schools.

Uh, we got no snow here. YAY for you knitpurlgurl! :cheering: Drink some cocoa for me, k?