Yippee! My Mother's Day gift should be on the way!

:cheering: I’m getting the pink and black Jordana Paige Knitters Messenger Bag :cheering: I have a slight bit of buyers remorse because of the price tag :shock: , but I have wanted a Jordana Paige bag for sooooo long :D. Just for grins, I made a comment (OK, it was more of a major Mother’s Day gift hint :wink: ) about it to DH who said “if you really want it, get it.”

What really sold me was that other generic bags don’t have the nice pockets and such that a bag made for knitting does, and tools tend to get jumbled in a big pocket. Hopefully, it will be a very nice, well made bag when I get it…I hope! Does anyone else have this bag? Is it good quality? Someone please make me feel like this pricey gift is worth the $$!

For those who haven’t seen it… it is on jordanapaige.com

:cheering: Lucky you!! :happydance: They look like really nice bags. Several members here have them!! :thumbsup:

:smiley: YIPPEE for you…nice bag :thumbsup:

That bag is cuter than cute! :smiley: