Yippee ! Finally ordered from KnitPicks! Woo Hoo!

Yes, yes, yes…I couldn’t stand all this KP attention and not getting in on it! So I did! Finally! I bought 10 skeins…woo hoo…I wonder how many socks or pairs of socks I can knit with that?

I bought 2 skeins/hanks of each of the following:

Sock Landscape in Red Wood Forest
Sock Landscape in Yukon
Sock Garden in Morning Glory
Simple Stripes in Crayon
Simple Stripes in Storm

Can’t wait…Can’t wait! I finally feel like I fit in with the rest of you! :cheering:

Now does anybody have a great toe-up pattern for socks, that would not be too difficult???

Also, since I don’t know the answer to this, how many socks or pairs can I get from each skein/hank? I wanted to be safe which is why I bought 2 of each…

I actually had to take some off of my order I was getting a little out of hand with my picking and ordering…the total was originally over 100.00 USD…had to cut myself off at the knees to just over the 30.00 free shipping limit! :happydance:

I usually use one skein per sock but that depends on the yardage. If you’ve got about 100 yards then one per sock is OK. anything less than that I’d say get three skeins for two socks. Welcome to th Knitpicks addicts club! Ya know I think we should go in together on orders with folks who live close to us.

rule of thumb is 50 grams per sock…so u will get 1 pair with each color that u ordered. I KNOW U R SOOOOO EXCITED!!!
I’m afraid that I am a cuff down knitter, haven’t done the toe up method as of yet. I know that if u google ‘free easy toe up sock knitting patterns’ that u will get a bunch!
Also, remember this…u can change the color (like a contrasting or matching or whatever is to your liking) of your heels and your toes…As an ex., I have a pair of red (& several colors) striped yarn waiting to be done, and I have leftover red (same type) yarn that I will use for heels & toes.
U r so gonna LOVE knitpicks and socks!! Another thing u may want to try…using KP’s ‘color your own’ sock yarn (it’s a 100 gr skein so u can get a pair of socks from 1 skein) and then dye it…I have several skeins waiting for me now…I dye mine with koolaid!!
:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :happydance: :happydance:
I’m so happy for you…u will have fun!!