YinYang Kitty Ankle Socks (Ravelry)

Hi, can anyone help me get started on the ear section of this pattern? I have never done intarsia knitting before (and this is in the round as well) and the videos/tutorials I’ve looked at have me completely confused. I may be overthinking it?? It is such a small area! Thanks in advance.

The whole idea with intarsia is very simple: whenever you change to another yarn, twist the working yarn with the previous yarn so that both colors are linked together. Without this twist you would have a vertical hole at the color changes.

That does make it sound easier but the pattern is in the round so my yarn is at the opposite end of the colour block when I finish the round.

Working in the rounds makes it slightly more complicated, but not much. It means you will also have to purl back after twisting. The important thing is to always twist between the two colors and it does not matter if you work a row by knitting or purling back as long as you have the same amount or rows all the round.

So, I would knit the entire round, turn, purl a round and repeat? That would mean a separate length of yarn for each section, right? Sorry, this really has me confused. The chart starts with 4 cc stitches and then moves on to the ear, cc, ear and cc to complete the round.

I do not have your pattern, but maybe this video makes it clear?

I think I almost have it sorted out; I just am still a bit confused (as usual) as to what to do at the beginning of the round. I watched this video but will do so again now that I have a bit better idea of what the whole process. Thanks for your patience.