YIKES! Too Many Stitches On My February Lady Sweater!

So I’m FINALLY done with the top part (garter) of my February Lady Sweater and I find I have 28 more stitches than I need!!!:eyes: (Have 278 instead of 255)…I can decrease those 28, but I wonder if it will make it obvious, funny or pucker!!!

I’m HORRIBLE about keeping track of my stitches!:wall:

If you decrease them evenly, it shouldn’t be a problem with that number of stitches.

Were you able to figure out how you ended up with the extra stitches?

Since you’re finished with the garter it may be fine.

Depemding on the size, it may be better to keep the stitche. The lace repeat is 7 stitiches so your extra 28 stitches would be four repeats, you could add one repeat to each front section and the sleeves.

I am on the second half of the last sleeve of my FLS (can’t wait to finish it so I can start Sylvi!!). Here is a little hint that may not be original but it helped me tremendously. When you start the gull lace panel place a marker every 3 repeats. I was having trouble stayin “on pattern” but the markers helped me to know immediately if I had made an error and where. I placed my every 3 repeats on the body and every two on the sleeve and when I did the purl row (knit on the sleeve because it’s in the round) I counted the stitches and made sure I had enough.

If the stitches were wrong I generally found it was because I had missed a YO and it was easy to slip it on as you were doing the purl (knit row).

Thanks all!:muah:

I was thinking of doing just that (the pms), because I must have P2tog on the first purl row and was 2 stitches short on the last 7 st. repeat :nails:!