Yggdrasil Pattern

Anyone knitted the Yggdrasil blanket? It’s gorgeous and probably too advanced for an intermediate knitter but I’m usually pretty good at self-teaching. Unfortunately I’m stumped this time…

The blanket builds from the center out, and I don’t really understand what it means in the pattern for the cast on. It says: use the invisible/provisional method and dpn to CO 12 sts into the center of the loop. Arrange sts evenly on 4 dpn, 3 each. Place marker and join in the rnd.

So am I using 4 dpn and knitting in the rnd or using a cable needle to start then bringing it along each row if I knit onto 4 dpn? I’m so confused, and spent the evening trying to figure it out. I’ve ripped out stitches I don’t know how many times trying to make it work but I just don’t really understand. I’m at the point where I might just try to build each of the 4 sections separately and sew them together but I’d really rather follow the pattern.

Any thoughts?

Hi. Welcome to Knitting Help. Is this the pattern you’re using?

Yggdrasil Afghan

Yes! It’s gorgeous! I know I can follow the rest but I’ve never started something from the center out.

It is beautiful. I can’t help, sorry, but someone will be able to. I’d love to try my hand at this so I’ll pay attention to this thread.

I’d love to see it if you do try it.

I’ve just been looking at the pattern. I think I’ll not try it this week. Eventually I hope I’ll feel up to tackling it. I’m sure there are knitters here with the skills, knowledge, and experience to help you.

Looks gorgeous, but too advanced for me. Good luck on tackling it. If I’m reading it correctly you are knitting it in the round with the pattern repeating on each needle. So you’d do row one 4 times then move on to two and so on. You’ve probably already tried that, but that’s my take on it.

Welcome to Knitting Help!
You can do the provisional cast on if you want. Here’s a videofor it that may help. The first method doesn’t use the cable from a circular needle and may be clearer . When you’ve cast on the 12sts, the idea is to then slip the stitches off the needle onto the dpns and begin the Tree pattern.
I think you could also just cast on the 12sts as you usually prefer, join to knit in the round and when you’re finished, use the initial tail of yarn to close up the hole at the center. It’s just as easy as putting the sts from the invisible cast on onto a needle and pulling to close up.
Fabulous blanket that looks like it’s going to be fun to knit!

Maybe some day… but for now this is [I]way[/I] outside my skill set – or (especially?) patience level.

You don’t need an invisible CO, you can use the loop one which may be on the Techknitting blog, and that allows you to tighten up the center. Or you can start with 6 sts and increase to 12 on the first round (or even 2nd, having a couple extras in the center may make it lie flatter). Instead of wrestling with 4 or 5 needles to begin with, put the sts on only 2 dpns and knit with a 3rd one. Then after you’ve done a few rounds and added more stitches, add in more needles rearrange them on the needles - it’s a lot easier that way.

Yay! Starting with fewer stitches and then working them in really helped. I just kept getting such a loose center and confused but that really helped. Thank you so much for the help!!!