Yf stitch in Kniited Openwork Scarf CKDA site

Hi to all, I am newbie to lace knitting. I found a darling scarf
pattern CKDA site(www.canknit.com). The stitch is yf K3.
Okay, by bringing the yarn in front I make a loop before doing the knit stitch. Is this right? repeating twice more.Then I take the left needle
lift the first stitch of the 3 sts just knitted over the last 2, so does it mean I lift the stitch over all the loops, or should I not have extra loops. Now that I have confused you completely any help would be greatly aprreciated.

By bringing the yarn forward, you are creating a yarn-over/eyelet/extra stitch when you knit the next stitch.

You bring the first stitch that you knit over the other two to reduce by one stitch so your count stays even. This way you’ll get the lacy pattern.

Okay that makes sense. I thought I had to bring the yarn in front for all three stitches, and when I tried it it didn’t look right. Your explanation makes alot more sense and I will try it tonite. Thanks for your help