Yf problems

This pattern has tormented me for days, no matter what i try it doesnt work.

Pattern reads:
[COLOR=“Red”]cast on 44st- 39 st for front, 5sts for front border.
row1: k5(border), (yf,skpo,k5),*k6,yf,skpo,k5 rep from * to end
row2: purl
row3: k5, (k1,yf,skpo,k4),k4,k2tog,yf,k1,yf,skpo,k4, rep from to end
row4: purl[/COLOR]

I dont understand how i carry out yf and skpo, am i supposed to slip stitch over the two stitches from yf??
Also i seem to end up with stictches left to knit but not enough for another repeat!!

This is the forst pattern i have tried to knit that is lacey, i love the look of the cardigan (found in simply knitting mag aug edition) bnut think i might have to give up.


found a link to the picture if this helps

I gather you would yo and then you slip a stitch, knit the next and then pass the slip stitch over the one you just knitted.

I don’t think you can finish a whole repeat at the end of the row.

You have 44

k5 = 5
yf, skpo, k5 = 7
k6, yf, skpo, k5 = 13
repeat = 13
k6 at the end = 6

That will get you 44.

As for the yf, skpo–don’t even pay attention to the yo that you’re making. Let it happen as you do the skpo.

As Ingrid said, as you have written out the pattern you would end up with 6 stitches at the end of a row that don’t make another pattern. And you indicated that that was happening to you. This should not be happening if the pattern is well written.

I went to look at the picture. Is it the blue sweater with several buttons at the top and open the rest of the way down? (cute) I did the rows as you gave them and they will not produce the front of the sweater as pictured. You should have eyelet vees developing all the way over to the edge, but that first set of stitches inside the ( ) only makes a part of a vee.

Could there be something we are all missing here? Have you checked for corrections for this pattern?

This pattern is definately wrong most of the way through! I finally decided just to accept that i would have a half v until st st. Then i discovered more problems with the top part of lace pattern which is great until it tells you to cast off and then repeat the pattern. Obviousely i’m very frustrated. E mailed the magazine to see if there is a updated version but no reply yet.
Thanks to everyone for their advice though