yf (K2tog) twice - What does this mean?


Hi all!

I’m starting to work on more complicated projects, and need some advice so I don’t ruin my fancy blanket square:

The pattern says “yf (K2tog) twice” - do I put the yarn in front before I do each K2tog, or both times?

i.e. Yarn forward-knit 2 together-yarn forward-knit 2 together,


yarn forward-knit 2 together-knit 2 together?

I hope this makes sense - thanks in advance! <3


It’s your second choice, yfwd, k2tog, k2tog for the yfwd (k2tog).
What is the name of the pattern?


Thank you!!

I’m working on this ‘Secret garden’ blanket, at the moment it’s going really well! I’ve mostly stuck to simple beanie hats and ribbed scarves until now, so this seemed like a good step up:

Any advice is always appreciated! Thanks again :slight_smile:


Simply gorgeous! Enjoy working these squares.


As a rule of thumb, I’ve learned that the instructions within the brackets is what you need to repeat for the specified amount of times. The vast majority of pattern writers do write it in that manner, but some might say (XX) twice, for example.