Yet more yarn to destash - PICS

So I have found a yarn I want. Really really want. And I’ve already used my “any yarn you want” gift on some Alchemy Sanctuary, which is lovely, btw, yarn p0rn pics on the way. Anyway, I really really want this other yarn. My lust for this yarn is, how should I put it?, obscene. Therefore, being in the state of poverty that I am, in order to acquire this lusted for yarn, I must sell other yarns. Everything will be shipped U.S. Post Office Priority.So here we go:

1 hank of Cascade Ecological Wool leftover from a sweater I just made (pics of that on the way soon, too). This hank is 250 grams or heavy worsted. Pay no attention to the gauge specified on the label of 3.5 stitches to the inch on size 10s, as that gauge is downright ridiculous and will give you the loosest floppiest fabric ever. I made mine at 5 sts/inch on size 7. $11 + $4 shipping.

3 and 1/2 balls of Patons Classic Merino, 100 grams each. It is not the color it showed up on JoAnn’s website. But it is the color that is showing up in my pic of it. $13 + $4 shipping

3 hanks of of Mystical Yarn Creations silk/merino bulky thick and thin yarn, 100 grams each in that gold/orange, beige color. I always knew I wasn’t going to use this yarn, it’s stiff in the hank and I don’t like thick/thin yarns (the description didn’t tell me it was thick thin before I bought it). I haven’t washed it yet to see if it would soften up. I didn’t want to give it up cuz the colors are so rich and it’s so silky shiny, but I want this other yarn more. $25 + $5 shipping.

7 balls of Plymouth Encore, 100 grams each. 4 dark brown, 2 black, and 1 white. I bought these to make a hoodie out of. But there are so many other sweaters so much higher on my queue, who knows when I would get to it. So here they go. A couple have been swatched from, but it’s all there. $30 + $8 shipping.

1 ball of Tofutsies sock yarn in the colorway UnderFoot, 100 grams. I got 2 balls of this sock yarn when Webs made a mistake and listed them for cheaper than they should have been. It regularly sells for $15-$16 dollars.
If you get only this, I think it would be best to ship first class cuz it’s only 1 ball. $10 + $2.50 shipping.

Um, never mind the Baby Silk and the Super Tweed. I was going to sell those, but I think the money I can get for them is not worth it.

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What color is the Cascade Ecology? I may be interested in that

Hi Lisa. The Cascade is color 8010. I think they called it Ecru.

That sounds perfect! Very dyable. I will check my paypal and see what i have, I will have to get back to you tomorrow

Okay, the Tofutsies are gone.

What is the encore made of? I know everyone here uses it, but I’ve never had any. I might want that.

Hey Carmen. The Encore is a 75% acrylic 25% machine washable wool, 100 grams, 200 yards each ball.

Whats the yardage on the Mystical yarn?

Each hank is actually 1/4 lb and approx. 140 yards.

The Eco Wool is now gone, too.