Yet another sweater question

Thanks to yellowness and Amy for helping earlier. I’m progressing with my sweater/jacket pattern and there’s no diagram for the different pieces. If a pattern refers to the “left front” piece, does that mean left if I’m looking at it, or left if I’m wearing it? Hope that makes sense… :?

It means ‘left’ as in when you are wearing it.

I’m also working on a cardigan with no diagrams. Actually, come to think of it…I’ve never knitted anything with a diagram!!!

Thanks!!! Makes so much more sense now!

No problem, happy to help!

Will you be posting a pic when you are done?!

Sure!!! I’m pregnant and on bed rest so I may be done sooner than I expected. Thanks again for your help.

I wanna see toooooo … I’m all eyes … :shock:


I like seeing other people’s work… Don’t forget about us … :wink: