Yet another sock question

After completing all of ONE sock, I find myself hopelessly addicted. :smiley: I’ve been scouring all sock related posts on here & found the tutorial for making 2 socks on 2 circs so I want to get the stuff to try it. In the tutorial, the author states: “1 skein worsted weight wool, 100gm or 3.5oz”

So I went to and found this yarn that I like:

Can I use it even though it’s not listed as being a sock yarn?

Ahhhh… another socknitting addict :wink: You can use any yarn that you would like when knitting socks. If you use the worsted, it’s going to make a much thicker sock…like socks you would wear around the house or in winter in boots for skiing…they will be quite thick. Sock yarn is fingering wt yarn…but, u can make socks with anything, the thickness will vary :wink:

I’ve made DH one pair so far in WW, and am trying to find wooly nylon to make him 2 more {got the wool already}. I don’t think that they’re any more thicker than his regular work socks… well the more expensive ones at least. I want to make myself some in WW for work. I would only make them a bit higher than an ankle sock so they’re not too much for my legs, but I’ll still have the extra thickness I want for work {lots of standing and walking on cement floors in work boots!}.

Not sure if this is the one you have but THIS tutorial is good. You can also knit 2 socks on one long circ (magic loop) tutorial HERE

No matter which you use it is great to have both socks finished at the same time!

Oh…and you can use whatever yarn you want, just keep in mind that some are handwash…can be a pain for socks :slight_smile: