Yet Another Reverse Shaping Question

I have read through some of the past posts on reverse shaping but I’m still confused. :wall:

I am knitting Sally Melville’s Not Your Mother’s Suit Coat and have completed the back and front left. However the instructions for the front right are to work as with front left but to reverse shape.

Here’s where I’m at, the instructions for the front left are to cast on 35 stitches and work straight for 6 rows (ie stockinette stitch). The next decrease (rs) row you are to k1, work left slanting decrease, k to end then work 5 rows straight. These 6 rows are repeated 5 times. For the front right would I cast on, work 5 rows straight then do the left slanting decreases on the wrong side of the piece. Or would I work 6 rows straight then do a right slanting decrease on the right side of the work?

I really hope that makes sense but I want to get this right and I’ve never done reverse shaping before. I will deal with the arm and shoulder shaping once I get there but unfortunately I’ve got to get past this hurdle first.

Thanks in advance.


Yes, to reverse, you basically do the shaping on the WS, though if you’re just decreasing, you could do that at the end of the row. When you get to the underam bind offs though, you really have to do those on the WS at the beginning of the row. But for now, you can just do the decs at the end of the row.

Thanks for your help. :balloons:

So if I’m just doing the decreases for the body part of the jacket then I can do a k2tog at the end of a RS row.

So for the underarm bind offs I do those at the beginning of a ws row?

For the neck shaping is it the same thing? Do I start that on the WS row as well and do it all in reverse to the left front? Thus WS purl to 6 sts from end, turn. Row 2&4 knit. Row 3 purl to 7 sts from end, turn. Row 5 bind off in purl.

Again, thank you so much for your help. Its funny how you can be going along nicely then hit a stag and the entire project gets put on hold.

Yep, dec by k2tog one st in from the end of the row. Any BOs will be at the beginning of a WS row. Same thing for the neck.

Thank you so much for your help. I love this website just for this reason.