Yet another Question..Noro/felting/bag

I recently completed my first bag/felting project using Lambs Pride Bulky…it turned out great…

then I saw a pic of the same bag done in Noro Kureyon #95…knitted it up just like my first bag…and it turn out completely floppy…it felted, it just seems too thin, it won’t stand…is there a 95 in the kuryeon big? I can’t figure out why it’s so flimsy and I thought I ws using the right yarn!

Help! Thanks!

in my (limited) experience, Kureyon by itself when felted doesn’t stiffen up as much as Lambs Pride or 220 or WOTA.

I can certainly vouch for that! Mine is as limp as a dishrag! I saw one made in the Noro Kureyon and it looked just as sturdy as the one I made with Lamb’s Pride…She didn’t mention using a second yarn with it, but she must have. thanks for your reply! j