Yet another magic loop question

I’m making 2 socks at once for the first time using magov loop. I seem to be getting yarn overs on the last stitch of each side. Any tips on preventing these? TIA

Just watch how you place your yarn when moving from one set of stitches to the other, and that your right needle tip isn’t accidentally picking up a strand between the sts at the loop.

I love puzzles and this “magov loop” caught my attention. A simple keyboard cipher in which the right hand is placed one key to the right of the home row position. :slight_smile:

I find it easier to use two circular instead of one using ML. I’m guessing it is how the magic loop stretches the stitches apart and it then looks like a ladder (dropped stitch) between stitches.

There’s less laddering with ML than with some dpns however. And you can lessen it on ML by shifting the loop to different stitches every couple rounds or so.