Yet another "Knit the knits & purl the purls" question

cloud9 I finished my first ever project over the weekend (a scarf, of course) and have moved onto a prayer shawl. The pattern is K3, P3, then on all subsequent rows to “knit the knits & purl the purls”.

I just don’t get it. (Edited to add this is an example- I know I k3 p3 across the whole row) So if you knit 3, then turn it- those knit stitches now look like purls, right? So do I knit them because on the reverse side I knitted them, or do I purl them because they look like they are purl stitches when I look at them? Or am I totally not making sense here.

At least it’s Homespun- so it’s not like mistakes are going to be that evident and it’s hard to see the stitch pattern anyway.

Thanks in advance. At least now I know I don’t have to unravel skeins to roll into balls before I start. :aww:

This sounds like it is for ribbing.
you work each stitch as it looks when you get to it. so if it looks like a knit (a v shape) you knit it and if it looks like a purl (the bump) you purl it.
sounds like you already have a good handle on what the stitches look like :slight_smile:

I thought it should look like ribbing too- but the instructions say it should NOT look like ribbing. That is why I am confused.

It’s always knit the k’s and purl the p’s AS they face you, when a pattern tells you to k the k’s and p the p’s. So you turn the piece and you now see the backsides of the previous row. So now forget what you did on the previous row and just do them as they are presented to you.

Thank you both- that makes sense. I thought it would be hard to remember what stitches you did on the last row. That’s why I’m working a pattern that is soooo easy to start with.

It may not end up ribbing… after a few rows of k3,p3 and k ks, and p ps, you may reverse to p3, k3, (and p ps, k the ks) for a basketweave type pattern.

I couldn’t have said it better, fibrenut! Good explanation!!! :thumbsup:

Note to self- read the pattern!

It was purl the knits and knit the purls. a HA! It looks like lines of texture instead of ribbing- kind of hard to tell with the HDY. (Homespun Devil Yarn) HA!

Trinity stitch! I thought it sounded similar to the prayer shawl I’m working on when you said it shouldn’t look like ribbing.

So we’re both working on one- cool! I am glad I have the stitch down now- I don’t feel right cussing while making a “prayer” shawl…:wink: