Yet, another hat question

Sorry everyone, but I have another question. I’m nearly finished with my first useable scarf and I want to knit a hat to match it. I already got advice from many of you to use any yarn I like, but now I need to ask, do some yarns keep the shape better than others? I crocheted a hat once and after I put it on my head, it stayed kind of stretched out. I don’t have a big head! (just a big nose :-), but the acrylic didn’t keep a good hat shape. Do some yards have more elasticity than others?

What kind of yarn did you use? I find that acrylics are generally more elastic than natural fibers, and if you wash and dry them they regain their shape. Something like Homespun (or as I call it homeshun) has no springiness at all.

Also, the type of stitch has a lot to do with elasticity. A ribbed pattern will be a lot more elastic than stockinette.

Steer clear of cotton or chenille for sure, though.

I used 100% acrylic, Red Heart, the cheap stuff. I crocheted the double crochet stitch. I have Wool-ease now that I wanted to knit the hat in. It’s 80% acrylic, 20% wool. Want to use a garter stitch for bottom and then change to stockinette stitch. Is there another sitch that would be better? I don’t want to waste my yarn :doh:

I missed the fact that it was crocheted–definitely not stretchy. I’ve used Woolease and liked it. I think if you ribbed the bottom rather than garter stitch it, you’ll have much better results. I made a hat for my son that had about 6-7 rows of 1/1 ribbing on the bottom and then st st the rest of the way up and it stayed on his big, shaven head!

OMGoodness, I couldn’t even tell you how many hats I knitted (sorry, not crocheted) last year for Christmas with Woolease and they all seem to be holding up, I’ve gotten requests for more from the guys that like to wear them during the winter. They wash well, etc.
I use this for calculating hat sizes, works very well

Thanks Rebecca! I printed that out. My family loves hats too, so I really want to learn to knit them. Hats, not the family.

Ingrid, …ribbing! That’s what I meant, instead of garter, honestly!

The basic hat pattern I’m going to use says to rib stitch for about 1" then stockinette stitch. I’m using straight needles, so I will probably be back with more questions when I get to the top of the hat, and finishing.

Hi Jackie M,

Just a thought - I have found that I get better fits when I knit or crochet hats top down. Good luck.