Yet again - Interchangeable needles

I am a fairly new knitter. I have been using the Boye set of interchangeables I got from Michael’s. I have tried the bamboo, metal, and plastic. (Please excuse me if I am using the incorrect material terms). I like the bamboo straights and dpns. I got the Lion Brand plastic straights in the larger size 13 up and do not like them but have been using them for stitch holders and for like 3-needle bind off. I like the Boye’s, being a beginner, up to the size 10.5. However, after the 10.5, the needles (minus) the cable get a little short in length for my tastes. My question is after reading about the Knit Pick Options and the Addis, those of you that have these, do the needles themselves get short and fat as you go up in size (like 15) or does the length of the needles stay consistent? I don’t know if my question makes much sense but any feedback will be helpful, I am thinking of getting some larger size Knit Pick Options.

I have the Options, and the tapered part of the needles gets more extreme with the larger sizes…so they do feel short and fat.

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