Yes, I admit it! I'm a Two-Timer!

hahaha…You sound like me! Every time I try to crochet, I feel like I’m cheating on knitting! :teehee: I do really want to learn to crochet as well and I have a few books but every time I try I end up feeling like I should be knitting…lol

I get that way too. I find something I like but it’s crochet and it feels like cheating. I want to make this

You’re funny!

I tried to crochet again this weekend – snowflakes – & I had to stop because it hurt my wrists & elbow so much! I am knitting some instead.

I haven’t crocheted snowflakes with thread (yet) but when I do bookmarks I’ve found I need to use the Clover hooks with the fat handle b/c it hurts my hand and wrist to hold something so small. I had to order mine online (somewhere - can’t remember) b/c I couldn’t find the Clover hooks that small anywhere locally.

I haven’t seen the Clover hooks that small. I have the other sizes, which I like a lot.

I love how well my first knit snowflake is coming out and have decided to keep for myself.

I wanted to see how many crocheted ones I could come up with because Bug’s school is looking for donations related to where we used to live & my church is needing things for a silent auction – both next weekend and the items need to be dropped off by this Friday. Thankfully I had a bunch I hadn’t stiffened yet, which I did last weekend, and will put the fishing line through them Thursday.