Yep, socks again

Yes, another pair of socks and I used a few new techniques which I thought I would share.
CO TOES: A while ago X put up a post about knitting the first row for JMCO with the tail thereby doubling the number of stitches. I have been using this on my last few pairs of socks and I really like this - worth a try.
I also used lifted increases for the first time. I have found them easier than the M1R M1L, particularly the M1R. I found Arenda Holiday’s video on these increases is good.
HEELS: I used German Short Rows instead of W&T and it is much easier to see what stitch needs to be worked. Mimi Kezer’s video on German Short Rows is exceptional and this one by her also details substituting W&T with German Short Rows.

Anyway, enough. The socks are Hummingbirdby Sandy Rosner. I did these toe up based on Liat Gats pattern. CO using JMCO with tail knitted in with yarn on R1. Heel flap done K1S1 and did tubular BO. Knitted using 2mm & 2.5mm needles and the yarn is
Zwerger Garn Opal. It’s a bit rough to work with while knitting but does wash up lovely and soft.

Those socks are a stand out. Lorraine. Great color combination for a very snazzy pair.
Thanks so much for the explanation of your techniques and the llnks. It’s so helpful to know the method you used for the construction. I love tubular bind off too.

Very nice. Thanks for all the info.

Beautiful socks. :heart:

Wow, good job! I wish I could make socks like that.

[COLOR=“DarkGreen”]Yet another pair of GORGEOUS socks!!![/COLOR]

beautiful socks, and helpful tips/links too! :wink:


Salmonmac, do you have a link to a good source for instructions for 2x2 tubular bind off - I would love to try it. At this stage I only do 1x1 tubular bind off.

Fab socks