Yellow Tank over white T

I have not added any projects recently, as i have been doing quite a few projects and need to snap shot them.
Any comments of my FO?

GORGEOUS! Love the stitch pattern on the bottom of the tank.

That looks very pretty.

I love it ! The pattern and the colour are so nice:)

That’s really pretty!

That is so cute. You did a great job. :woot:

:happydance: You have been busy!! It looks great!

You’ve been really busy…your work is beautiful

Very nice! I love that lacy look!!!

Lovely little tank top. I love the yellow.

Very cute! What a perfect tank to put over a T!

Wonderful wonderful wonderful work! I love the stitches and I love the color! Way to go!

I love the stitch work too, and the little embellishments! :slight_smile:

The stitching is pretty! Nice work. :slight_smile: