YEE-HAH! Summer Knitting!

Part of the 87 lb. of yarn I got for Christmas were some huge spools of cotton yarn that’s almost as thin as thread. I was going to sell it, but I couldn’t resist knitting up a sample first. It’s AWESOME! Now I’m getting all excited about knitting summer stuff – something I’ve never done before. I’m thinking bands or ties for beach/gardening hats, light-weight tops, beach cover-ups, and maybe even a light shawl to protect from the sun. Anybody else knit summer stuff? Any ideas to share?
Here’s a photo, but the sample doesn’t show it off very well. That’s just a size 2 needle.

light lacy shawls would be really nice. you could also try to use it double stranded and see how it turns out. make a nice light t-shirt.

Great minds think alike. :thumbsup: I’ve fallen in love with this pattern and I’m already working on a modification of it using 2-strands of this cotton yarn. I’ll keep ya posted.