Yeah, thanks for sharing

So I was at work today and had to work with a woman I am not overly fond of. She’s a nice person but she is really nosy and expects me to drop everything to be her computer tutor. (She’s a sub and not super computer savy)

She spotted my little knitting bag that I got from Silver’s shop and was asking me about it. I told her I used it to carry my knitting in. I figured she’d like to see what I was working on so I pulled out my project, a baby hat I’m making using the Baby Jacquard yarn from Bernat. This was her response:

“Oh, you like to do that stuff? Boooooring!”

I quietly put the knitting back in my bag and she says “That bag is really pretty though”. Meaning that bag is pretty but your knitting is a bore… :roflhard: sigh…

So Silver, your bag was a hit!:happydance:
I’m just hoping the regular teacher is back tomorrow…

I know the feeling! Everyone just doesn’t have the knitting genes…don’tcha feel for them??? Wonder what they do to express themselves??? Now not having handwork would be boring to me.

Wow. Guess her mama didn’t teach her about being rude. :eyebrow2:

I agree. I rally wonder what these people do that is so much more exciting. I mean does this woman hang glide in the morning, wrestle alligators in the afternoon and climb Everest every month that she would call knitting boring :roflhard:

She plays the harp… :roflhard:

I think her mother skipped that lesson… :roflhard:

Yikes!! that is unbelievable!! Too bad for her, she doesn’t know what she’s missing!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, that’s what I thought too! All the more yarn for MEEE!!!:roflhard: