Yeah, I have a surgical date!

I got tired of waiting (been almost 2 weeks) so called the doctor’s office about my test results yesterday. The barium enema test came back normal so she penciled me in for April 21 to have my colon reattached. :woohoo:
I don’t suppose too many people get excited about having surgery, but it will be great to have everything back in its proper place and no more bag to deal with. I won’t lose out on all my summer swimming just a month or so and will still have the hot months to swim every morning. They said 4-7 days hospital stay and 6-8 weeks recoup time.

That will make me strong and healthy by our planned trip to Houston to see the Cubs take on the Astros (huge Cubbie fans at our house) in Sept. This is their year, no more goat curse!!!
Thanks for all your good thoughts!

congrats! a bag is a real pain, huh? good health to you!

Congrats :slight_smile: Hope everything goes well and you’re up and about in no time

Good news!!! I hope all goes well for you and you’ll be back to normal in no time. :hug:

Glad to hear you are going to back to normal soon. Prayers coming your way.:pray:

:hug: Yay that’s good!! I hope you have a very fast and smooth recovery :hug:

Hope everything goes well! :hug: :pray:

Good luck with the surgery:hug:Hope you’ll recover fast:grphug:

Good luck with the surgery :thumbsup:

That’s terrific news! Good luck with your surgery.

Hope you are soon back in the “swim” of things soon. :muah: