YEAH! I found help!

:cheering: Halleluiah! I am so happy to have stumbled onto this website. My little one wants me to make a bunny for her. I’ve been coming up with excuse not to because I didn’t know what some of the stitches were! Thank goodness I found you! :smiley:

WELCOME!! :waving:

This site has been a LIFESAVER for SEVERAL of us!

[size=2]And, we’re FUN. [/size]

Welcome, Tita!! :waving:

:waving: Hi! I felt the same way when I found it, too. Welcome aboard!

Here’s a bunny…
there’s a bunny…
everywhere a bunny, bunny…
Hope some of these links help.
[size=2](My neice is crazy about stuffed bunnies, too, but she sucks her thumb when she has her bunny, so I’m banned from making her one… :verysad:)[/size]

That is when you make one anyway but instead of giving it to her directly leave it out at your house so that when she is at your house she can find it :devil:

[size=2]Well, considering that she’s six now, I understand why her mom wants her to stop. [/size]

Yeah, but now I have two projects going at the same time! :doh:

Only 2? Check out this thread. It address the syndrome known as knitters’ ADD. :wink:

:happydance: welcome!!! :happydance:

PHM…have your sister put bright band-aids on her thumbs…she will stop, it worked for Doug, he was 4 and stopped in a week.

At least she uses bunnies…my sister would use a CHAIR…a wooden child’s chair, with the back of the chair laying against her front…and she would suck the two fingers next to her pinky! :??

:roflhard: LOL That’s so funny, KK…
Thanks, Lisa, I’ll pass that along… I think DSis has tried just about everything else…
I had the opposite problem with my boys… Not only did they never suck their thumbs, they never took a pacifier or anything either… :rollseyes: made for a very LOUD babyhood…

:roflhard: My first used a pacifier–I thought then that I could be in ‘control’. Ha! The only thing I controlled was crawling around on the floor in the middle of the night looking for it!

I encouraged the other two to suck their thumbs–my youngest actually sucked her thumb on the delivery table–and they each gave it up around first grade. Neither would do it in school, but when they got home! Suck fest! My son never needed braces, and my daughter did because of crowding. I don’t think the thumb made a difference in that department.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

:shock: Ok I just had an epiphany. I have too many projects at once. I used to crochet a lot before I taught myself knitting and I had 3-4 projects going at once!!! I am trying to get out of that habit but now that I know how to make a bunny my little one wants, I will have 2 projects! Oh, the pressure!!! :doh:


We ADD knitters do not CRY at having more than one project!!!
We REVEL in it, we RELISH it, we look forward to the challenge!!
We think it’s great when we find that half-finished project in the back of the closet with no pattern to be found anywhere and not nearly enough yarn!!

Oops, sorry, I think I was channeling my KK’s drill seargent personality :oops:

Buy some time by having your DD pick out the yarn for the bunny - she’ll have so much fun going through your yarn catalogs that you should get an extra week to work on your other project! :thumbsup:

[size=2]*edited cuz I can’t type… grrrr…[/size]

[color=red][size=6]:mad: THERE’S NO CRYING IN KNITTINGGG! :mad:[/size][/color]

[size=2](PLEASE tell me you’ve all seen “A League of Their Own”!! )[/size]

I now have 4 projects going at once. Oh well, at least I won’t get bored! :lol:

“Sir Yes Sir!” :thumbsup: I love that movie. The latest favorite is somewhat unusual in the stupid sense, “…”! You gotta watch it a few times!

Anyway, I finished a fingerless glove (one glove only!) and boredom is kicking in and I don’t feel like making my other hand the matching piece. I think I’ll make a hat!

Good think you don’t have two heads, huh! :rofling: