Yeah gay marriage legal in Iowa


Yeah, I told a chick I work with today that we can finally profess our love for each other :teehee: I’m happy about the ruling.

Once again, proud to be from Iowa.:thumbsup:

wellllllll more like he said that the law was unconstitutional (THEY ALL ARE D*MMIT!) but he put his ruling on hold today. Not before one couple got married though. And they were only accepting request for licenses in Des Moines for now. The Democrat governor has already come out against gay marriage though so I am sure if they figure out a way to make another law look constitutional (when it absolutely can’t be unless they get rid of that pesky 14th ammendment!) he will sign it. :sigh:

This was legal until 11:30 this morning, unfortunaltey. So for right now there can be no gay marriages for now. (Sorry, Didn’t realize Brendajo had already posted this information :wink: )

Here is the article from the DM Register.

It should be intresting to see where all of this goes. Lets hope for the best. :pray:

sara jayne lol sorry… i was pretty happy to hear it until i saw that Chet was opposed. Made me sad, but I guess it will help keep him getting elected.

I’m totally not surprised.

Being an Iowa State Cyclone fan, I have learned to expect disappointment. :psst: [COLOR=Silver]This was said for Brendajos’ entertainment because she is an Iowa Hawkeye fan, I believe.


lol and i appreciated it completely! :wink:

I was :cheering::cheering: for the few moments it was legal, and happy for that couple that found the loophole so they could get the license in time…now I’m :verysad: and :!!!:

Hopefully, hopefully…I’ll be able to be :cheering::cheering: again soon!

:cheering::cheering:and booo at the same time

It’s a step… but every little step is important! :thumbsup: Don’t despair! :muah:

yeah, and considering that one couple already got married, they just set a precedent. So I wouldn’t be too surprised if it didn’t come up again soon.

Maine just passed passed a law making it legal for gay couples to adopt :cheering:There is a lesbian couple that had been foster parents to either 1 or 2 kids for 7 years and were just finally able to adopt them,before only one of them would have legally been considered a parent and the other would have been considered a guardian.