Yeah for!

Thanks to Wynnie I joined and posted a wanted msg asking if anyone had yarn they didn’t want/need for my charity projects. I’ve gotten several replies since I posted yesterday. This bunch is from a lady who lives just around the corner! I walked over and got it today! :cheering: It’s mostly acrylic, but you takes what you gets and will work for some little charity sweaters. :wink:

EDIT: Oops…I guess it was Alyaanne who posted the most recent msg! Sorry about that!

For some reason I couldn’t attach pix tonite. :?? Anyhoo… they will make bright little sweaters for some needy children!

That’s so sweet :smiley:

Those colors will make fun sweaters!

Some of those are definitely kid colors! Great find!

Oh wonderful! I have to admit, I almost WANTED acrylic so that I could make a huge afgan. :wink: Great find!

Jan, if you want some more freecycle I have some stash that I’d be willing to part with. Some acrylic, some wool, some blends. If you want any send me a PM - I can provide photos if you want to see the stuff first.

See I’m SO afraid to join freecycle for yarn…it would seem like I’d be stashing for the sake of stashing and not knitting! LOL Although I did have the idea of getting yarn and then donating it to a local women’s prison as I know they often do charity knitting, crocheting, and sewing, not too long ago there was an article in the paper about them making things for kids displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Wow, that is great, Jan! Those are such fun colors! :thumbsup:

:smiley: WOW, what a great find for your sweaters! Definitely kid colors :thumbsup:

Thanks! I think this and the yarn from another woman will keep me busy.

I also have some more to pick up, but this one is from a woman on Craig’s List. It’s mostly lambswool and acrylic. :wink:

I joined freecycle way before I started knitting, and I used it mostly for when DF and I were starting our apartment together and needed stuff, and needed to get rid of stuff. I think we got rid of a good amount of our moving materials that way, too.

The yarn was just a nice side effect. :wink:

Awesome find jan!

Where do you get your toddler sweater patterns at?

The charities I’ve started knitting for are:
Knit for Kids
Afghans for Afghans

The Knit for Kids site has a couple patterns. I tried the basic T sweater pattern and it was very easy. I hate seaming though so I bought a Knitting Pure and Simple pattern which is seamless.
The ‘A for A’ site has patterns as well, but I haven’t tried them yet. They do want all wool btw. It gets quite cold in Afghanistan in winter. One thing I found out was that they take all kinds of things not just afghans so I have made a wool hat so far.

I just love knitting and I can only make so much for myself (and others-picky family) so this is perfect for me. I’ve always been interested in helping others before myself anyway. I wanted to join the Peace Corp when I was younger…not sure why I didn’t. I think I got married instead.

I just found this page on the Knit for Kids site. It’s a distribution map. You can click the US one to see more closely where they went here in the states.

Thanks Jan. :slight_smile: